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  • LNG Exports
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LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is natural gas that is cooled to -260° Fahrenheit until it becomes a liquid and then stored at essentially atmospheric pressure. Converting natural gas to LNG allows it to be transported internationally via cargo ships.


LNG for Transportation

LNG is a clean and low-cost vehicle fuel for heavy duty fleets and heavy horsepower equipment.



DOE Export Study

Department of Energy's natural gas exports study.


American Security Project

The Geopolitical Implications of U.S. Natural Gas Exports.

LNG exports will be a boon to the economy.


Ernest Moniz

The US Senate unanimously confirmed Ernest Moniz as Energy secretary on May 16, 2013.


Secretary Moniz's MIT Faculty Page.
View Here.

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"As United States Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz is tasked with implementing critical Department of Energy missions in support of President Obama’s goals of growing the economy, enhancing security and protecting the environment."

Natural Gas Use

Our counties are committed to taking advantage of domestic abundant natural gas reserves.

Economic Development

America's energy sector is one of our leading job creators. America's Counties for Energy Independence is helping ensure the direct and indirect jobs related to the energy industry continue to flourish in member counties and beyond.

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State Regulation

America’s Counties for Energy Independence understands how different every state is, from geology to terrain to culture. This drives America’s Counties commitment to support state-based regulation over oil and gas production.

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American Clean Skies NGV Report


Report: Driving On Natural Gas - Fuel Price and Demand Scenarios for Natural Gas Vehicles to 2025



Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council Report


Report: The Benefits of Natural Gas Production and Exports for U.S. Small Businesses