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ACEI's Bradford County featured in Fayetteville Observer

Fayetteville Observer: Pa. gas boom hints at future for Cape Fear region

May 21, 2014 by By Andrew Barksdale

"...In 2008, the first drilling rig went up in Bradford County, a rural river valley of about 62,000 residents in northeastern Pennsylvania. Today, more than 800 wells, like this one owned by Southwestern Energy of Houston, are extracting gas from the undulating hills with views of barns and grain silos.

"McLinko, who is chairman of the county Board of Commissioners, said the gas industry has created jobs, helped save the family farm and spawned businesses to serve the gas field workers. Since 2008, companies have paid about $400 million in gas royalties to county landowners, local officials estimate...

"...The Fayetteville Observer traveled to this community in March to see what could be in store for the Cape Fear region when North Carolina begins to allow drilling and hydraulic fracturing as early as next year. Pennsylvania is more than six years ahead of North Carolina in drilling, and its gas reserves are vastly larger than what is believed to be in the Tar Heel State's Deep River shale basin...

"...In Bradford County, the tax base has soared by $100 million over the past four years, and the county has received $15.7 million since 2012 from impact fees the state levies on the gas industry. Revenue from those fees - equal to almost a third of the annual budget to operate the local government - has helped Bradford County eliminate its debt and reduce property taxes..."

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