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ACEI's Bradford Co. Testifies in Erie Co., NY

Commissioner Doug McLinko of America's Counties member Bradford County traveled to Erie County, New York, yesterday to discuss the county's experience with the oil and natural gas industry. The county was holding a hearing to discuss legislation to ban high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas on county property.

Commissioner McLinko was featured in the Buffalo News as:

Doug McLinko, a legislator from northeastern Pennsylvania who perhaps traveled the farthest, was among the minority calling on Poloncarz to reconsider the ban. McLinko said his community of Bradford County, Pa., has more natural gas wellheads than any other county in his state. This has proven to be an economic boon not only to Bradford County, but has offered residual benefits for New York State residents in nearby Tioga and Susquehanna counties.

“Pennsylvania has seen billions of dollars in their coffers from everything from sales taxes to liquid fuel taxes,” McLinko said.

“Not one time, not ever, has there been a freshwater supply affected by hydrofracking,” he added.

Traveling to other counties and states to (1) dispel myths about oil and gas development, and (2) present the truth when it comes to the economic advantages of energy production for local economies are priorities of America's Counties.

Specifically, the economic contrast between New York and Pennsylvania energy producing counties is well-presented in a 2013 study by the Manhattan Institute - The Economic Effects of Hydrofracturing on Local Economies: A Comparison of New York and Pennsylvania