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About America's Counties
Advancing unconventional and conventional energy in the U.S.

America's Counties for Energy Independence is the country's first national association of counties and elected county officials dedicated to advancing unconventional and conventional energy in the United States. Our mission is to: help member counties efficiently maximize and sustain energy resources; advance unconventional and conventional energy development in the United States; support balanced and responsible state-level energy regulation; promote health and safety; promote member counties’ social and economic growth; educate stakeholders; and collaborate to share best practices.

  • Showcasing Economic Success Stories
  • Helping Counties Work Together
  • Supporting State-Level Regulation
  • Connecting Businesses
  • Serving As A Resource Center
  • Promoting Energy Workforce Educators

There is a place within America's Counties for all counties and all interests.

America's Counties Members

Energy Education

Our member counties are committed to helping others learn from our experience and see how oil and natural gas is being safely and responsibly developed in our counties. So if you have questions about energy development, pay us a visit!


About Us

Our History

America’s Counties for Energy Independence traces its roots to 2008 when Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko traveled to Wise County, Texas. Wise County Commissioner Kevin Burns provided a tour to Commissioner McLinko and colleagues to see firsthand how Wise County was balancing shale gas development with economic growth.resolutions

The concept of one energy producing county helping educate another is at the heart of America’s Counties.

As the founding members of America's Counties for Energy Independence continued to educate other counties and began to exchange ideas, the concept of an association of county commissioners representing oil and gas producing counties was born. It was then a matter of time before counties began passing resolutions calling for the creation of, and membership in, such a national organization.